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Postby TGTS0907129» Electric field intensity

Explain the electric field intensity


Electric field intensity or electric field strength is the force experienced by a unit positive charge at that point in the eclectic field of a given charge. Its unit is N/C or V/m

By TGTT30071258 on 9/3/2015 2:39:30 AM


The electric field intensity at any point is the strength of electric field at that point. It is defined as the force experienced by unit positive charge placed at that point. If f is the force acting on a small test charge + qo at any point then electric field intensity at this point is given by

E ® = f® / q0

The S.I. unit of electric field intensity is Newton per coulomb (N/C)

Electric field intensity is obviously a vector; the direction of E is the same as the direction of F E is along the direction in which the test charge +qo would tend to move of free to do so.

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