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Postby TGTS0907129» Conditions for parallel connection of resistors

State the conditions necessary for parallel connection of resistors


For parallel concoction of resistors, the following conditions obtain:

1. The currents in the various resistors are different and are inversely proportional to the resistance. The total current is the sum of the separate currents.

2. The voltage across each resistor of a parallel combination is the same as the voltage across any other resistors. Moreover, the voltage across each separate resistor is identical with the voltage across the whole group considered as a unit.
This statement may become clearer from a consideration of the fact that the terminals of each   resistor are connected to a common point; i.e., each conductor has its beginning at a common potential and its end at another (different) common potential. Hence the potential difference cross all conductors in parallel must be identical.

This fact provides the basis of the best method we have for calculating the currents in the separate braches of a parallel group of resistors. Consequently, its importance is one emphasized, because this type of problem is one of the most common in elementary electricity.

3. The reciprocal of the total resistance of a number of resistors connected in parallel is equal to the sum of the reciprocals of the separate resistances.

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