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Postby TGTS0907129» Electric potential gradient

Explain the concept of electric potential gradient


The gradient of a quantity is the space rate of its increases in the direction in which increase most rapidly. Thus the gradient of a hillside is the amount of rise per unit horizontal distance, in the steepest in such case as temperature gradient, pressure gradient, and density gradient. Electric potential gradient is the rate of charge of potential with distance along a line of force, ?V/?s. the mks unit is the volt per meter, and the electrostatic unit is the statvolt per centimeter. The field is practically constant over the small distance ?s, although the field may vary widely over larger distance. If a test charge +q is moved from a to b work is done by the field on this charge. The algebraic sign for this work is obtained by the following conventional agreement: we shall consider work done by an outside agent in moving a positive charge against the field as positive work increase the potential energy of the system and negative work decreases the potential energy of the system. Hence the work ?w done by the field is given by
?w = -F?s

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