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Postby TGTS0907129» Forces between electric charges

Describe the forces between electric charges


The forces that act between electric charges can be described by visualization the charges as being situated in an electric field. Such a region has special properties by reason of the presence of the charges. An electric field is defined as a region in which there would be a force upon a charge brought into that region.

A close analogy to an electric field is the gravitational filled of the earth. A body in the earth’s field is acted upon by this field; this force is the weight of the body.

An electric field has two important characteristics: direction and intensity. The direction of an electric field at a point is defined as the direction of the force upon a positive charge placed at that point. In the case of the earth’s gravitational field the direction of the force on a mass near the earth is always directed toward the center of the earth. In the case of the electric field area a positive charge the force on a positive test charge will be directed away from the charge that produces the field, but toward a negative charge.

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