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Postby TGTS0907129» Importance of potential difference

Describe the importance of potential difference


In electrical phenomena the concept that is of primary importance in all energy transfers is that known as potential difference. In our study of gravitational fields we discussed the concept of the potential that certain problems, such as those involving gravitational fields, could be much simplified by the use of energy considerations. The same will be found to be true for the electric field, which is so similar, mathematically, to the gravitational field. For example, work must be done to lift a body above the earth against gravitational force. Similarly, energy exchanges must occur in order to more electric charges in an electric field. Many difficulties due to the vector nature of electrics field can be avoided by potential rather than with force and electric field intensity. The use of electric potential extends into the field of current electricity and is basis to an understanding of circuits and all practical electrical devices.

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