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Postby TGTS0907129» Phenomenon of eddy currents

Explain the phenomenon of eddy currents


When a large block of conducting substance is moved through a non-uniform magnetic field or when in any manner there is a changer, induced currents will exist in eddies through the solid mass. These are referred to as eddy currents. This effect was discovered by the physicist Foucault (1819-1816), and the currents are sometimes referred to as “Foucault currents”.

A metal disk that is being moved to the right across a non-uniform magnetic field assumed to be across a non-uniform magnetic field assumed to be directed toward the reader. The right-hand rule shows the direction  of the currents tend to set up magnetic fields, which reacting with the field which gave rise to them, will oppose the motion of the disk through the field. The disk acts as through it were embedded in a very viscous medium. Eddy currents produced heat and hence consume energy. They are frequently a source of considerable difficulty to the electrical designer.

Eddy currents many be minimized by laminating the block of metal, i.e., by making it up out of many very thin sheets or laminations. The planes to the magnetic flux, so that they cut across the eddy-current paths and thus reduces the eddy currents. Many ac machines, such as transformers and dynamos, have their magnetic parts made up of laminated sections.

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