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Postby TGTS0907129» Potential at a point

Describe the potential at a point


Instead of considering the potential difference between two points, we sometimes wish to consider the potential VA at a particular point. The potential at a point is the difference between the potential of the point and arbitrarily selected zero of potential. The potential at a point is therefore the work done per unit charge when a charge is moved from a point at zero potential to the point in question. This work equals the increase in the potential energy of the charge. Hence the definition of the potential of a point is equivalent to the statement: The potential a point is the ration of the potential energy of a test charge placed at that point to them magnitude of the test charge. In equation form,
Potential=(potential energy)/charge                             
V = w/q

It will be noted that are alike and that the respective terms are measured in the same units.

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