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Postby TGTS0907129» Series circuits containing resistance inductance

Describe the series and circuits containing resistance inductance and capacitance


Consider an ideal case of a series circuit containing pure resistance without inductive or capacitive effects), pure inductance (without resistance or capacitive effects), and pure capacitance (without resistance or inductive effects). The voltage V_L across the inductive coil is 90°. Hence the net reactive voltage VL - Vc and is designated Vx  

Vx = IX = IXL - IXc = I(XL - Xc )

It follow that the net reactance X of the series circuit is X = XL - XC

The ideal case represented never exists in practice. The resistor usually contains more or less inductance; the inductor necessarily includes some resistance; the capacitor may have sufficient losses to offer appreciable equivalent resistance. However, the phase diagram of the voltages in such a circuit may be reduced to one where in this case VR represents the voltage across all the resistance in the circuit VL the total in inductive voltage of the circuit, and Vc the total capacitive voltage. As before, Vx represents the net reactive voltage and V the voltage of the entire circuit.

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