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Postby TGTS0907129» Working of DC generator

Describe the working of DC generator


An ideal generator can never have a one-directional current in the coil itself, but it is possible to have a one-directional current in the outside circuit by reversing the connections to the outside circuit at the same instant as the emf changes direction in the coil. The change in connections is accomplished by means of a commentator. The device is simply a split ring, each side being connected to the respective end of the coil. Brushes, usually of graphite, bear against the commuter as it turns with the coil. The position of the crushes is so adjusted that they slip from one commentator segment to the other at the instant the emf changes direction in the rotating coil. The curve is similar to a since curve, with the second half inverted. To produced a steady, one-directional current, many armature coils are used rather than a single coil. These are usually wound in slots distributed evenly around a laminated soft-iron cylinder. With this arrangement of the coils there must be many commotions segments as well as many coils. The connections are so arranged that emfs add at any instant. The average of the instantaneous emfs during a revolution is the emf of the generator.

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