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Postby TGTS0907129» concept of wattmeter

Describe the concept of wattmeter


The wattmeter, as the name suggests, is an instrument for measuring power. It consists essentially two coils at right angles, one fixed and one movable. The fixed coil is made of heavy wire of low resistance and is connected in series with load resistance and is connected in series with the load. The movable coil is made of small wire and is connected in series with a multiplier of high resistance; this coil is connected in parallel with the load. By analogy with the methods of connecting ammeters and voltmeters, these two coils are called the current and voltage coils, respectively. The torque acting on the movable coil and the voltage across the potential coil. Hence the resultant indication of the meter is proportional to the produced of the current and the voltage, i.e., to the power (for direct current).

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