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Engineering is the practical application of science and math to solve problems, and it is everywhere in the world around you. From the start to the end of each day, engineering technologies improve the ways that we communicate, work, travel, stay healthy, and entertain ourselves.

Engineering is a very ancient field of human endeavor. Early humans utilized their knowledge of the natural world to figure out things like irrigation schemes and how to build boats which didn't sink. Over time, as humans learned more about science and mathematics, engineering got more complex, and this field paved the way for the modern society we live in today. Chances are that you are benefiting from a product of engineering right now, as you are probably using a computer to read this article.

There are a number of subfields encompassed by engineering. Among these are mechanical, aerospace, electrical, civil, aerospace, materials and chemical engineering. All of these fields require different types of training; aerospace engineers, for example, learn a great deal about physics and space in the course of their work, while material engineers learn about extraction of minerals and properties of different materials.

Most engineers pride themselves on being problem solvers. Their field of work involves the analysis of a problem, such as in case of a civil engineer the need for a safe and stable water supply for a city, and the creation of a solution, such as an aqueduct.

Branches of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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