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Aerospace engineering is in general linked to design, construction and science of aircraft. It is not just the aircrafts that this branch of study deals with. Apart from aircrafts, it also deals with spacecrafts and airborne weapons technologies, and the technical aspects of each of these. The aerospace industry has applications in a wide range of areas ranging from commercial to military.

Over the years, the aerospace industry has gained major importance. It has encompassed one barrier after another and is still on an expanding path. Aerospace engineering is not a distinct branch of science. In fact, it has all its important basic concepts imported from other branches of engineering. At present, aerospace engineers develop technologies for use in civilian transportation, defense systems and space exploration.

Fluid mechanics - the study of fluid flow around objects. Specifically aerodynamics concerning the flow of air over bodies such as wings or through objects such as wind tunnels is of interest. A modern discipline, called computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is devoted to solving fluid mechanics problems using computers.

Propulsion - the energy to move a vehicle through the air (or in outer space) is provided by internal combustion engines, jet engines and turbo machinery, or rockets. A more recent addition to this module is electric propulsion and ion propulsion.

Control engineering - the study of mathematical modeling of the dynamic behavior of systems and designing them, usually using feedback signals, so that their dynamic behavior is desirable (stable, without large excursions, with minimum error). This applies to the dynamic behavior of aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion systems, and subsystems that exist on aerospace vehicles.

Aircraft structures - design of the physical configuration of the craft to withstand the forces encountered during flight. Light-weight but robust structures are essential for the flight of an aircraft and is a forever topic of research and the backbone of aerospace engineering.

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