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AP (Advanced Placement) exam has wide range of subjects and courses. Every student can find something interested in the wide range of AP. There are more than 20 subjects and more than 30 courses. Student can choose subject and course according to need and have options to select tutor according to choice to study their required subject.

TheGlobaltutors.com tutors can make sharper skills of student’s writing, problem solving skills. Students are free to choose tutors according to requirement at TheGlobalTutors.com. Online preparation for AP (Advanced Placement) can improve all aspects of student to resolve problems.

We provide online one on one coaching for AP (Advanced Placement) to all students. There are many well qualified AP tutors are available at TheGlobalTutors.com. Students have a choice to select a tutor according to need or choice. We have many tutors available to help students in all AP topics.

AP tutors at the TheGlobalTutors.com offer customized programs based on the requirement of student. As every student has a different IQ and catching power, AP course duration may be differ for each student.

theglobaltutors.com learning program covers following AP Test Areas
Art History
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science A
Computer Science AB
English Language
English Literature
Environmental Science
Physics B
Physics C
Test Grade

The AP Grade reports are sent in July to the college designated by a student on answer sheet during AP Examination. The grades are also sent to high school. Grades are sent for all the AP Exams that a candidate has taken. The AP Exam Services send most AP Grades by mid of July to High School and College designated by the candidate. In case of not receipt of Grades students need to contact AP Services by September 1 of the year of AP Examination.