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Every business concern has to face very often the problem of capital expenditure decisions. Hence the forecasting and budgeting of capital expenditure is a vital part of policy-making, management and control. The Capital Budgeting or capital expenditure decisions pertain to fixed assets or long term assets which by definition refer to assets which are in operation, and yield a return, over a period of time, usually exceeding one year. The capital budgeting decision, therefore, involves a current outlay or series of outlays of cash resources in return for an anticipated flow of future benefits. The overall objective of capital budgeting is to allocate the available investible funds among the competing capital projects in order to maximize the value of the firm and to control the capital expenditure. It is also to plan and then compare the actual capital expenditure with the budgeted figure for controlling costs and to determine the funds required for long term projects.

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Our Tutors at are experts in analyzing various projects and determine that project which would maximize the value of the firm. They have good knowledge of Pay-back and discounted pay-back periods calculations, NPV, Profitability Index, IRR and MIRR, which are frequently used in

Capital budgeting decisions. Our tutors are well experienced and have good knowledge about various capital budgeting techniques.

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We provide Assignment Help and Homework Help for Capital budgeting at Just submit your assignments and homework on capital budgeting at “Submit Assignment” section of our website or send an email to mentioning the deadline. We will then review the assignment and give you the best quote. Once confirmed, our tutors at Capital Budgeting Assignment Help will solve your assignments with 100% accuracy and we will deliver it before deadline. We can also train you on how to use EXCEL worksheet for certain calculations involved in Capital budgeting.

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Apart from Assignment Help and Homework Help, we provide One on One online tutoring session for capital budgeting at Students, while learning capital budgeting, the guidance of our tutors is much required for you as it involves important and difficult calculations. You can directly interact with our tutors during the online session and clarify your doubts. Our tutors are well-versed with all capital budgeting appraisal techniques. Tutors are available 24x7 or according to the pre-scheduled timings. Students can send their schedule to and we will schedule your sessions according to your convenience.

Some of the topics covered in Capital Budgeting:

1. Meaning and Importance of capital budgeting
2. Objectives and limitations of capital budgeting
3. Types of investment projects
4. Types of appraisal
5. Investment appraisal techniques
6. Pay-back period method
7. Discounted Pay-back period method
8. Average rate of return method
9. Net Present Value (NPV) method
10. Benefit/Cost ratio or Excess Present Value index or Profitability Index
11. Internal rate of return (IRR)
12. Modified internal rate of return (MIRR)
13. Conventional and Unconventional Cash flows
14. Mutually exclusive projects
15. Contingent projects

Learning and understanding the concepts of capital budgeting is of utmost importance to you because it involves long term capital expenditure decisions of an organization. They are of paramount importance in financial decision making and such decisions affect the profitability of the firm and have a bearing on the competitive position of the enterprise. Hence, do learn it thoroughly from Capital Budgeting Assignment Help and Online Tutoring for Capital Budgeting at

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