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Capital structure represents the mix of different sources of long term funds such as equity shares, preference shares, long term loans, retained earnings etc., in the total capitalization of the company. The term capitalization is used for the mix of capitalization. Capital structure is a part of the company’s financial structure. The capital structure pattern may be any one of the following: 1) Equity shares only 2) Equity shares and preference shares 3) Equity shares and debentures or 4) Equity shares, preference shares and debentures. The choice of an appropriate capital structure depends on a number of factors such as the nature of the company’s business, regularity of earnings, conditions of the money market, attitude of the investor etc. A high proportion of the debt content in the capital structure increase the risk and may lead to financial insolvency of the company in adverse times. However, raising funds through debt is cheaper as compared to raising funds through shares because interest on debt is allowed as an expense for tax purposes. This increases the earnings per share of the company which is the basic objective of a financial manager.

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Some of the topics covered under Capital structure:

1. Meaning of capital structure
2. Capital structure Vs Financial structure
3. Patterns of capital structure
4. Points of indifference
5. Optimum capital structure
6. Features of an appropriate capital structure
7. Factors determining capital structure
8. Effects on EBIT and net income/ calculations
a. Only Equity
b. Equity & Preference
c. Equity & Debt
d. Equity & Preference + Debt
9. Projection of Earnings per share
10. Theories of capital structure
a. Net Income theory
b. Net Operating Income theory
c. Modigliani – Miller theory
d. Traditional theory

A firm should try to maintain an optimum capital structure with a view to maintain financial stability. Learn it from our Capital Structure Assignment Help and Online Tutoring for Capital structure as to how to obtain an optimum capital structure and its benefits.

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