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Cash flow statement is of vital significance to the management. It helps in short-term financial decisions relating to liquidity. It shows the causes of changes in cash balance between two periods and indicates the factors contributing to the reduction of cash balance in spite of increase in profits and vice versa. The various sources of cash and application of cash are first identified. The sources of cash are added to the opening cash balance and the various applications of cash are subtracted to get the actual availability of cash. Cash from operations form an integral part of the cash flow statement. Actual cash flow refers to the actual movements of cash into and out of business and notional cash flows result only in the case of increase or decrease in current assets.

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Tutors at have enough experience and expertise to handle a financial analysis of Cash Flow Statement. All of our tutors hold a minimum of Masters Degree in Finance and most of them are professors and hold an M.Phil or Ph.D in Finance. So, dear students, you are absolutely safe here at and can be assured of a quality work by our tutors. Our tutors can handle all types of cash flow statements like Direct Cash flow statement, indirect cash flow statement, Notional Cash flow statement, Actual cash flow statement and forecast cash flow statement.

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Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help and Homework help is available at Our tutors have a vast knowledge about the various sources of cash, applications of cash, notional and actual cash flows and cash flow from operations. You can submit your Cash Flow assignment at “Submit Assignment” section of our website or mail it to We will revert to you with the best quote and will solve your assignments before the deadline and mail it to you. At Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help, we will guide you as to how to arrive at Cash flow from operations from the given Funds from operations or Trading Profit. We will guide to as to what items to be subtracted and what items to be added to arrive at Cash from operations.

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Apart from providing Assignment/Homework Help, we also provide One on One Online Tutoring Sessions for Cash Flow Statement at You can use the white board where in you can clear your doubts about the cash flow statement like what items to add, what items to subtract, what are notional cash flows which affect the cash flow statement, why the accounting profit is different from cash availability etc. You can send your schedule of timings to and we can arrange for an online session as per your convenience of time.

Some of the topics covered under Cash Flow Statement are:

1. Objectives of Cash Flow Statement
2. Advantages of Cash Flow Statement
3. Direct Cash Flow Statement
4. Indirect Cash Flow Statement
5. Actual cash flows & Notional Cash flows
6. Various Sources of Cash in a Cash Flow statement
7. Various Applications of Cash in a Cash Flow statement
8. Contents of Cash from operations
9. How to calculate Cash from operations and cash flow statement
10. Preparation of Adjusted Profit & Loss account
11. Difference between actual net profit and actual cash availability

Preparation of cash flow statement is very essential in any organization, as you know, cash plays an important role in the life of a business. In a firm, there is constant inflow and outflow of cash. Cash flow statement is an important tool of cash planning and control. It is a statement depicting change in the cash position from one period to another. Thus, given the various advantages of cash flow statement and of course not limited to the above advantages, preparation of the statement becomes much essential and students, be sure that you understand the importance of cash flow statement both in your education as well as your career and learn the correct method of its preparation from
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