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The term Cost of Capital is a very important concept in formulating a firm’s structure. The term Cost of Capital refers to the minimum rate of return a firm must earn on its investments so that the market value of the company’s equity shares does not fall. This is in consonance with the overall firm’s objective of wealth maximization. Thus, a firm’s cost of capital may be defined as the “rate of return the firm requires from its investment in order to increase the value of the firm in the market place. There are three basic aspects of concept of cost: it is not a cost as such, it is the minimum rate of return and it comprises Return at zero risk level, premium for business risk and premium for financial risk.

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Some of the topics covered under Cost of Capital are:

1. Cost of capital meaning and its basic aspects
2. Components of cost of capital
3. Importance of cost of capital
4. Classification of cost of capital
5. Determination of cost of capital
6. Cost of debt
a. before tax and after tax
b. issued with premium or discount or at par
c. Redeemable debt
7. Cost of preference capital
8. Cost of equity capital
a. Dividend-price ratio approach
b. Dividend-price growth approach
c. Earnings price ratio approach
9. Cost of retained earnings
10. Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
a. Book value weights
b. Market value weights
11. Treatment of floatation costs and brokerage

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