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Businesses need to carry inventory of raw materials, work-in-progress, finished goods, spares and other sundry items. Why inventory needs to be carried? To ensure uninterrupted production, uninterrupted sales, to avoid haste purchases, to take advantage of opportune price and supply conditions, to avoid lost sales, to earn customer goodwill etc.. Inventory is a buffer or cushion. Inventory management is concerned with deciding the size of inventory. Too much inventory involves excessive cost on funds locked in inventory, on storage, on insurance, and on tax and possible loss on account of pilferage, theft, wastage etc. On the other hand, fewer inventories will result in less cost in respect of capital locked up, space and insurance but high cost in respect of ordering, transportation etc. Hence, there is a need for optimizing the costs of carrying and ordering costs.

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Some of the topics covered under Inventory Management:

1.What and why is inventory management required?
2.Inventory control models
3.Inventory planning under conditions of certainty & uncertainty
4.Ordering costs
5.Carrying costs
6.Economic order quantity
7.Re-order level
8.Average storage level
9.Minimum and Maximum levels
10.Cost computation for different levels of safety stock
11.ABC Analysis
12.Valuation of Inventory
c.Weighted average method
d.Perpetual inventory valuation

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