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The term leverage may be defined as the employment of an asset or sources of funds for which the firm has to pay a fixed cost or fixed return. Consequently, the earnings available to the shareholders as also the risk are affected. If earnings less the variable costs exceed the fixed cost, or earnings before interest and taxes exceed the fixed return requirements, the leverage is called favorable. When they do not, the result is unfavorable leverage. There are two types of leverages – financial leverage and operating leverage. The leverage associated with investment activities is called as operating leverage and that associated with financing activities is called as financial leverage.

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Some topics covered in Leverages:

1.Meaning of Leverage
2.Financial Leverage
3.Operating Leverage
4.Combined Leverage
5.Calculation of leverage under various types of capital structure
6.Effects of fixed costs and variable costs in leverage
7.Trading on equity

The leverage should be examined from the view point of its impact on the value of the firm. The financing decision of the firm is one of the three basic decisions oriented to the achievement of the maximization of the shareholder’s wealth. Hence, it is very important for you, students that you know about leverages thoroughly without a single doubt and here is where you require our Leverages Assignment Help and Online Tutoring session on Leverages at www.theglobaltutors.com. Practically, when you take up a career and given the objective of your firm is to maximize the value of the equity shares, you should be able to select a financing mix/capital structure/financial leverage which will help you in achieving the objective of financial management.

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