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Portfolio management generally refers to the management of various securities like stocks, bonds etc., for the benefits of the investor. It is a professional management. Any investor would like to manage his assets or investment in such a way that he gets maximum utilization or maximum value in the long run. Investors may be any one: institutions like insurance companies, pension funds, corporations or private investors like mutual funds or any other type of private investor. When an investor has resources to invest, he will first evaluate the possible securities for investment. If he invests in equity shares of a company, he will get yearly dividends based on the profits of the company. If he invests in preference shares, he will get a fixed rate of dividend, stated earlier, before the payment of any dividend to the equity share holders. If he invests in debentures or bonds, he will get a fixed interest annually before paying any dividends to preference or equity shareholders. Hence, he will carefully evaluate the various opportunities in front of him, analyze the pros and cons of each and will choose that portfolio which would maximize his return in the long run.

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Some of the topics covered in Portfolio Management:

1.What is a Portfolio?
2.Management Tips
3.Investment in Equity Stock and returns
4.Investment in Bonds/Debentures and returns
5.Investment in Preference shares and returns
6.Calculation of interest and returns in each portfolio
7.Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

Each option in the portfolio has to be analyzed for risks and returns. A detailed analysis has to be done on each investment security and the best portfolio has to be selected. This management of portfolio will be useful for you students not only for learning purpose, but also for your future investment planning and hence learn it thoroughly from Portfolio Management Assignment Help and Online Session at www.theglobaltutors.com

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