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Ratios are considered to be the best guides for the efficient execution of basic managerial functions like planning, control etc. The relationship between two figures expressed mathematically is called a “Ratio”. Ratio analysis involves three steps:

1. Calculation of appropriate ratios from the financial statements.
2. Comparison of the ratios with standards or with ratios of the past periods. Comparison can also be made with the ratio of other firms.
3. Interpretation of ratios.

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At www.theglobaltutors.com, we provide Ratio Analysis Assignment and Homework help. Financial ratios are inter-related. Having one ratio and other clues it is possible to calculate some other ratios. Come on, students, take the assistance of Ratio Analysis Assignment Help at www.theglobaltutors.com and we will show you the right way of calculating and finding out the hidden figures using given ratios.

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Some of the topics covered under Ratio Analysis are:

Various Classifications of ratios, interpretation and their uses, which are given below:

Classification according to Accounting Treatment:

1. Balance Sheet Ratios – which is a ratio of items in balance sheet only like current ratio, debt-equity ratio etc.

2. Profit & Loss account Ratios – which is a ratio of items in profit and loss account like Gross profit margin, Net profit margin etc.

3. Mixed ratios or Inter-statement ratios – This is a mixed ratio of items from both balance sheet and profit and loss account like Asset turnover ratio. Please feel free to contact Ratio Analysis Assignment Help for a detailed explanation.

Classification according to Function/Nature:

1. Liquidity ratios – These ratios indicate the short-term financial position of a company like current ratio, quick-ratio etc. These are very important for you to learn and Ratio Analysis Assignment Help will give you a good insight into the various liquidity ratios and their uses.

2. Leverage ratios – These ratios are otherwise called as long term solvency ratios. Take the assistance of Ratio Analysis Assignment Help to learn about the important ratios under this head which include Proprietary ratio, Capital gearing ratio, Debt-equity ratio etc.

3. Turnover ratios – These ratios are also called as Activity ratios. These include Asset Turnover ratio, Inventory Turnover ratio, Debtors & Creditors Turnover ratios, Average collection and payment periods, Working capital turnover etc.

4. Profitability ratios – Profitability ratios are a measure of efficiency and control. Please contact Ratio Analysis Assignment Help to learn more about these ratios which include Gross Profit ratio, Net Profit ratio, Operating Profit ratio, Return on capital employed ratio, dividend yield ratio etc.

Classification according to Importance:

i- Primary ratios
ii- Secondary ratios

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