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Investors invest in stocks, bonds, debentures and other securities. When a person buys or sells an existing bond, the price the investor is actually willing to pay for the bond will fluctuate. The expected return and the yield of the bond will also vary. But if an investor wishes to hold the bond till maturity, the changes in price, interests and yields will not affect the investor. The price an investor is willing to pay for the bond is affected largely by the interest rates and buyers look for a lower price. The annual return on a bond is called as the yield on the bond and mostly affected by the price the buyer is willing to pay for his purchase. The price and the interest rates typically move in opposite directions. Similarly there are various factors which affect the price of the stock.

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The tutors at have a good knowledge about various kinds of security pricing including stocks, bonds and debentures. All of our tutors hold a minimum of Masters Degree in Finance and are professors in reputed financial institutions and colleges. They are aware about various pricing strategies under various conditions. There are various formulae which have to be learnt. But don’t you worry as our tutors are here for you.

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We provide assignment help and homework help for stock and bond pricing at Our tutors at Stock and Bond Pricing Assignment Help are well experienced and capable of pricing any security. They are aware about various terms like coupon rate, yield to maturity, yield to call, dividend yield, current stock price, future pricing, growth rates etc. You may please submit your assignments relating to Stock & Bond Pricing at the “Submit Assignment” section our website or send a mail to, mentioning the deadline before which the solved assignment has to be delivered. We will then review the assignment and give you the best quote. Once confirmed, our tutors will solve it and we will mail it to you before deadline.

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We provide Online Tutoring services for Stock and Bond Pricing at We have a white board where you students can upload your documents. You can discuss, talk with our tutors and learn all the formulae using our online session. Our tutors are available 24x7 or according to the pre-scheduled timings. You may please send us your schedule to and we shall fix your session according to your convenience.

Some of the topics covered under Stock and Bond pricing are:

1.Price, rates, coupon rate and yield
2.Premium, discounted and at par bonds
3.Factors that affect price
4.Yield to maturity
5.Yield to call
6.Yield to worst
7.Yield curve
8.Current yield
9.Callable and puttable bonds
10.Stocks – Preference and Equity
11.Stock price, rates and dividends
12.Calculation of current price and future price of stocks
13.Consideration of growth rates- Constant & Non-constant growth
14.Consideration of risk free, premium and Beta in expected return
15.Intrinsic value

Our scope of coverage under Stock and Bond Pricing is not limited to the above topics and you may contact Stock and Bond Pricing Assignment Help and Online Tutoring Session for Stock & Bond Pricing at for any type of query related to the subject.

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