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Budget is a plan, planning looks to the future. Planning is the process by which a manager looks to the future, searches for alternative courses of action and predetermines a course of action to be taken in relation to known events and the possibilities of future problems that might come up. Budget is defined as “a financial and or quantitative statement, prepared prior to a definite period of time, of the policy to be pursued during that period for the purpose of attaining a given objective”. Budgeting is planning the use of resources and allocating them among potential activities to achieve the goals of a company. Budgetary control is a system technique which uses budgets as a means of controlling all aspects of the business and is designed to assist management in the allocation of responsibility and authority, in the measurement of actual performance, is the analysis of variation between budgeted and actual results and to develop basis of measurement.

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Some of the topics covered under Budgeting & Budgetary control:

1. Purposes of budget & budgetary control
2. Objectives of budgetary control
3. Advantages and Limitations of budgets and budgetary control
4. Budgetary Procedures
5. Various classifications of Budget
6. Sales budget
7. Production budget
8. Materials purchase budget
9. Labor Budget
10. Overhead budget
11. Research budget
12. Cost of production budget
13. Capital expenditure budget
14. Cash budget
15. Master budget
16. Fixed and flexible budgets
17. Long-term, short-term and current budgets
18. Rolling budgets
19. Cash budget and its three ways of preparation
20. Administration, Selling & distribution overheads budget

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