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The term Gross Working capital means the total current assets. The term Net working capital(NWC) is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. For the purpose of working capital management, NWC can be said to measure the liquidity of the firm. The goal of working capital management is to maintain an acceptable level of NWC. The risk of becoming technically insolvent is measured using NWC. The greater the NWC, the more liquid is the firm. The major current assets are cash, marketable securities, accounts receivables and inventory. Current liabilities are those liabilities which are intended to be paid in the ordinary course of business, within a year, out of current assets or earnings of the concern. Examples of current liabilities are accounts payable, bank overdraft and short-term loans.

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Some of the topics covered under Working Capital Management:

1.Theory and definition of working capital
2.Trade-off between profitability and risk
3.Financing mix and approaches to financing mix
4.Need for working capital
5.Operating cycle
6.Permanent and temporary working capital
7.Excess and inadequate working capital – effects
8.Sources of working capital
9.Determinants of working capital
10.Current assets contents
11.Current liabilities contents
12.Statement of working capital

Working capital requirements depend upon the nature of business. For example businesses that sell services and not products will not require that much of a working capital as that is required by a business which is cash natured. Both excess and inadequate working capital has serious issues from the firm’s point of view. Students, you should understand all the implications involved in managing the working capital and its utmost importance and hence learn it thoroughly at your learning age and apply it practically when you take up a career. Learning at will make it practically possible through our Working Capital Management Assignment Help and Online One on One Tutoring on Working capital management.

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