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Management is an art of getting things done by people. This is done in an organization by managers. The method of getting work is done by employees differ from manager to manager. Professional management is based on its own practices well established in theoretical test. Managers can delegate work to their subordinates for executing work.

All managers accept that they carry certain basic functions like planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

Planning: - Fixing goals and standards. Evolving procedures and forecasting.

Organizing: - Specific task of subordinates, delegation and coordination.

Leading: - Getting others to get job.

Controlling: - Setting standards for performance.

Managers are responsible to higher and level authority. They delegate work and not responsibility.

Functions of Management

Planning is the beginning for a managerial activity. Goals and standards are established. Managers make rules and set procedures. Forecasting is alone based on data available. 1. Departments are established
2. Employees are given specific task
3. Authority gets delegated to subordinate
4. Subordinates are coordinated

Manpower arrangement is made. Types of recruitment and employee selection are made. Performance standards are set. Employees are compensated for the work. Their performance is evaluated. Training and development of employees make them to contribute with maximum efficient.

Manager leads his team by motivation and thereby makes the work done. Actual and standard performance is compared to ensure control. Line managers direct the work of subordinates and they are in charge of accomplishing the organization’s basic goals. Staff managers advise line managers in attaining goals.

Types of Management

1 Business Management
2 Financial Management
3 Human resource Management
4 Marketing Management
5 Operations Management
6 Supply Chain Management

Consumer marketing operates on mass marketing principles. Business marketing is building sales force. Product features are determined. Prices are set and channels are established. New products are launched. Marketing management takes the aforesaid aspects customized. Services are extended to consumers. Planning the market and segmentation are important functions. Strategies are made.

Human resource management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees, job analysis for employees and recruitment. Selection gives way for employees training. Compensating work force and performance appraisal are made.

Production management ensures quality and efficiency in output. Materials are planned and stocked to ensure prompt production. Purchase and inventory control are important functions of management. Economy of scale is possible by proper method of production. Level of investment differs in organization. Production capacity is the yardstick for performance.

Financial management is managing capital and funds in business. Income and expenses have to be managed in better way. Finance is important in an organization.

Functional areas of management for an organization need appreciation. These management areas are worthy in understanding an organization

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