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Online Tutoring for Chemsitry

The provides the students online help in study of chemistry. The three main area covered in learning of chemistry, these are Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry. The chemistry tutors are available in 24X7 and the students are free to take any help related to study. We provides the problem solving classes and special tests for improving the concepts and ralativity in knowledge. The main power of the chemistry learning is the technique that is given by the experienced experts of The experts are great knowledge in their field and have proved himself in PHD grade.

We have good approach in Organic chemistry. The students offen have difficulties to learn the organic chemistry. We gives the conceptual learning of Organic Chemistry and students have full of advantage to fight the standard exam after completing our chemistry leaning program.

We mainly provides three study area of chemistry learning. The Student can learn specific topics and we provides the problem solving classes also to clear their doubts.

The main Chemistry Topics are covered by our tutoring program are:

Chemical Bonding:

Lewis structure
Calculation of Lattice Enthalpy
Resonance structures

Colligative Properties:
Lowering of Vapor Pressure
Molecular Mass
Osmotic Pressure

Laws of Thermodynamics
Enthalpy and Enthalpy Changes
Entropy and Entropy Changes
Characteristics of Free Energy

Chemical Equilibrium:
Rate of a reaction
Equilibrium Constants
Partial Pressure
Le Chatelier’s Principle

Chemical Kinetics:
Rates and Order of Chemical Reactions
Half Life Period
Rate constant
Simple and complex reactions

Electro Chemistry:
Electrolytic Dissociation
Laws of Electrolysis
Electrical Conductance Quantities
The PH of solutions
Buffer Solutions
Single Electrode Potential

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