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A student can select an Online English Tutor from the many English tutors profiled at The Global Tutors. The English tutor will work with the student not only to teach the English Language but also to create a strong rapport so that the effects of tutoring may be maximized. English Tutors at pay special attention to reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

Unlike most other sites who will assign an English tutor themselves, at the student can choose his/her own English tutor from among the many experienced tutors who know how to boost scores and ensure an all round jump in academic performance. A student can take free trials and find the right English Tutor who will customize the learning so as to back up and support the student’s own strengths and flair for the English Language, while at the same time taking special care to see that the weaknesses and chinks in English writing and reading also ironed out effectively.

Our English Tutors conduct one-on-one English tutoring sessions with students and this focused attention far surpasses anything the student may have experienced in the classroom during regular schooling. Such individual attention by the English tutor, along with goal setting and positive attitudes leads to monitoring of strengths and weaknesses on a continuous basis. The advantages of improvement in students’ English writing and reading comprehension skills are reflected in other subjects as well and an all round improvement in grades can be the result.

The below subjects are all covered:

AP: English Language AP:
English Literature

English Literature ACT: English English Reading English Writing English Grammar English Language Arts SAT: English

GRE: English

GMAT: English Grammar Hand-writing Language Arts Reading and Writing (General) Reading

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