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Physics is a branch of science in which we dead with observation, measurment and description of natural pPhenomena related to matter and energy. These natural Phenomena can be classified as mechanics, properties of matter, sound, light, electricity, atomic physics, nclear physics, particle physics, semiconductors, superconductors and so on.

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Some useful physics topics are listed below:

Unit dimensions and Error
Motion in one dimension
Motion in two dimensions
Laws of Motion
Circular Motion
Work power and energy
Conservation of Momentum
Rotational motion
Interatomic forces and elasticity
Hydrodynamics and properties of floods

Heat and Thermodynamics
Kinetic theory of Gases
Calorimetry and specific heat of Gases
Heat transfer process

Simple Harmonic motion and waves
Simple harmonic motion
Wave motion and waves in a string
Sound Waves

Electricity and Magnetism
Electro Statics
Gauss’s law
Thermal and chemical effect of current
Magnetic effect of current
Permanent magnet
Magnetic properties of substances
Electromagnetic induction
AC current
Electromagnetic waves

Ray optics and optical instruments
Wave optics
Spectrum of light and photometry
Photometric effect and dual Nature of Matter

Modern Physics
Electric current through Gases
Bohr’s theory and atomic physics
Nuclear physics
Special theory of relativity
The universe
Principle of communication

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